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5 Ways To Use Glass For Your Halloween Decorations At Home

With Halloween right around the bend, we’d like to share 5 ways to use glass around the house for your decorations. Nifty, crafty, and sometimes outright spine-chilling, these ideas will leave your house ready for the big day - the 31st of October!

1) Pumpkin Jars – Got any mason jars left over from grocery runs? Try making adorable pumpkin jars by using acrylic paint to colour them orange. When the paint dries, simply glue on black outlines of pumpkin faces, and you’ll be set. As for placement, these would look great set out on the front porch. Lastly, you can even illuminate your crafty display by placing tea candles inside. Special thanks to Joybobo for the tip!

2) Glow Light – Add an eerie glow to your Halloween display by making glowing lanterns out of glass jars. Simply fill a jar with water, and then proceed to break a batch of glow sticks in the water. You could even create several lanterns, with different glow colours for each. This will certainly lure in the trick-or-treaters! Thanks to Offbeat Home & Life for the suggestion!

3) Spider web Wine Glasses – Revamp your wine glass collection Halloween style by painting spider webs on the base and the stem of the glass. Any glass paint will do – as long as it’s black! Fill the glass with a haunting Halloween punch, and your creation will be a hit. Thanks for getting the party started, Diary Of A Mad Crafter!

4) Mummy Jars – Give your house properly spooky feel by setting out a few mummy jars! This DIY couldn’t get easier – all you need to do is cover a mason jar with glue and wrap it in some cheesecloth. Add a pair of googly eyes and draw on a face, and you’ll be scaring your guests left and right. These decorations would look great propped up at the bottom of a staircase or in the corner of your living room. Tip credit goes to Craft Re-Designed!

5) Balloon Dipped Candy Corn Jars – Candy corn is considered a classic Halloween candy, so why not make it a decoration? Using an empty mason jar in combination with white, yellow, and orange balloons, you can create a candy corn themed decoration for your house. Cut off the ends of the balloons and stretch them around the jar for a colourful effect. For candy corn overload, you can even fill the jar with the candy itself! Place the jar at your entrance way, and you’ll be happy to arrive home every day! Thanks Brit+Co for the sweet idea!