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Bottle your scents

Bottle your scents

Do you know why your perfume is best stored in a glass flacon?

The intricate and smooth shapes and sizes of glass do add a certain Je ne sais quoi to your dresser top. The different designs make a bold statement, about who you are, and how you want to be perceived – are you smooth and elegant? Are you modern and classy? Or are you a bit of a rocker, a bit of a rebel, with sharp edges and a sleek composition? One thing is clear for all of the above – like your signature scent, you definitely stand out.

However it’s more than just the design of the packaging that’s important when it comes to your perfume. Surely, you want to be sure that the scents and fragrances will last with every time you remove the top or take a spritz? And this is why you’ll notice most perfume also comes packaged in glass.

You want to be sure that your perfume is packaged not only beautifully, but also well, to add function to the form. So that with every use, the scents you’ve chosen to represent you remain just as strong as you are. And that’s why you need to be sure that the container does its job well. And no container does the job better than glass – glass packaging, which can be sculpted into all the different shapes, sizes, and designs you see at the store, while also ensuring that your fragrances are protected, don’t seep out into the open, and aren’t influenced or changed by external elements – such as heat or light.

That’s the benefit of glass packaging, you can be sure that the contents within will remain unchanged – while also painting a personal portrait of you through its design.

So when it comes to your perfume, go with the choice that you know will best preserve your favourite scents and also look beautiful at home. Choose glass. Buy glass.