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DIY Treat Jars for you this Easter

Before you start filling your recycling bags this Easter, take a moment to think about what other uses there could be for your used glass.

All you will need is:

-A clean and empty glass jar (any  kind will do)

-Vinyl stickers

-Chalky Finish paint/ Spray paint

1. Either freehand or using a stencil, mark your vinyl sticker with the festive design you wish to be realised on your treat jar. Cut it out and apply the stickers to the smooth side of the jar, pressing firmly on the edges to make sure they’re completely adhered to the glass.

2. If you are using Chalky Finish paint, apply one coat and allow to dry for 10 minutes. Whilst the paint is still slightly wet, carefully peel up the vinyl stickers and remove.

If you are using Spray paint make sure that the glass jar is placed upside down when you are spraying to ensure that no paint gets inside of the jar!

3. Fill them with candy and give as gifts to your loved ones or use as the perfect container for collecting eggs on the Easter hunt.