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Spring brought to you by Glass

Spring signifies a time of new beginnings – days are getting longer, and everything is in bloom after the cold winter months.

This year, think about using these fun and easy DIYs with glass to add a dash of sunshine and warmth to your home and garden décor. They’re guaranteed to add a special something to this sunny season.

1. Spring glitter vases

What you’ll need:
– Glass containers (preferably with smooth, straight sides)
– Glitter
– Foam brush
– Painter’s tape
– Glue

These fun vases are a lovely way to bring the freshness of spring to your spring décor. Coat your glass container with a thin layer of glue – either on the inside or outside – and then add the glitter, making sure it’s evenly spread across the surface. Make sure to use glitter in fresh, pastel colours to really set the Spring-time scene. And just like that, the vase is done! What a charming idea from The Sweetest Occasion blog.

2. Painted Daisy Mason Jars

What you’ll need:
– Teal acrylic paint
– 80 grit sandpaper
– Gloss enamel craft paint
– A small brush

If you want something quirkier for your vases, try this idea. Get your mason jars and five them three coats of teal acrylic paint (matte finish looks particularly cute). You can lighten the colour by adding a dash of white paint as well. After they have dried, get some sandpaper and sand them down, to give them a vintage distressed look. To paint the daisies, grab your white and yellow gloss enamel paint and paint a yellow centre, with six white petals. Once the jars have dried fully, give them all a coat of clear spray finish. Thanks for the idea, Mason Jar Crafts Love.

3. Rainbow Centrepiece

What you’ll need:
– Glass vases, or clear, empty tall mason jars or glass bottles
– Food colouring
– Water
– White flowers

It really doesn’t get easier than this to make a spring centrepiece. Take your empty glass bottles, jars, or vases, and fill them with water. Add drops of different food colouring to each vase, and add a white flower. The different colours of the water will contrast beautifully with the white, and soon the flowers will also begin to take on the cool, crisp colours of the water. Thanks for the idea, Papery and Cakery.

4. DIY bird feeder

What you’ll need:
– Scrap wood
– Wire
– A hook
– Base of a plastic bottle
– Old glass sauce bottle

With this quick and easy-to-make feeder, not only will you create a beautiful focal point for your garden, but you’ll also bring your garden to life with the chirps of the birds that will no doubt visit. To create the wooden support, upend the closed bottle of seed and secure it to the backing, and then secure the base tray. When the feeder is secure you can open the bottle and let the seed flow through. As the tray empties more seed should fill in so you don’t have to refill every couple of days, just sit back and enjoy the birds. Thanks to Apartment Therapy for this wonderful idea.