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Stunningly Clear

Stunningly Clear

Not only is glass elegant, it’s versatile as well. It’d be surprisingly simple to upgrade any room in your house with just a few glass accents. Give your home the make-over it deserves - without breaking the bank- by using glass.

Everyone wants their home to have that special or unique character to it. From the funky furniture with that extra oomph to the cute and quirky paintings, trust that we can always find a way to make use of various glass objects in the process.

Interior design is fun but can sometimes get complicated and come at a high price. Check out these ideas of how you can use glass jars and bottles to jazz up your home – your house, apartment or flat will become the attention grabber without hurting your wallet.

1. Glass as storage space

Glass jars can be used as storage containers for office supplies, jewellery, kitchen supplies, or other random knick knacks you have lying around. They give a nice vintage feel to your home, while also being practical. You could even take this further, by giving them that old-school twist and adding an adhesive blackboard label to it, making it even more practical, as seen on Istructables.

2. Glass photo frames

Forget simple, boring frames – with these easy steps from Rikki Hibbert photography you can transform your photo collection to a centrepiece for your home.

3. Floating Candle Garden

Better Homes and Gardens shows us this excellent way to bring some nature into your home – especially during the winter, when the view from your window is bleak and grey, and flowers in the garden are just a summer memory.

4. Magnetic Spice Racks

This is a unconventional yet practical way to reuse smaller glass jars – and you won’t have to worry about where all your spices are! Easy to follow steps can be found here, on Dav.I.Son’s blog!

 5. DIY Nightlight

Instead of buying your own nightlight, why not make your own personalised one? Check out this blog, where a creative mother shows us just how it’s done! This little DIY project is fun and cute!

6. Glass Chandelier

Candlelight always adds ambiance, and here glass assists in creating a lovely vibe – as well as an enchanting and cute interior showpiece, as seen on Better Homes and Gardens!