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The Art of Glass: Motion, Space and Form

Glass is beautiful, and now more than ever artists are working with it to produce spectacular pieces of art.

See this out of this world art in glass from Colossal!

Space Glass

Artist Satoshi Tomizu sculpts tiny glass spheres that are made to look like galaxies. He uses a mixture of precious metals such as silver and gold and smaller bits of glass to create these masterpieces. Want one for yourself? You will have to wait like the rest of us, these out of this world creations are sold out due to high demand.


Want to see artist Satoshi Tomizu in action making his so called Space Glass? See this video!

Marine Life Imagined in Glass

Danish artist Steffen Dam takes the world of glass to a whole new level. Think these marine animals are real? Think again! Steffen uses different coloured glass to mimic marine animals in incredible detail.


Glass Wave Vessels

These glass sculptures by artist Graham Muir from Scotland bring about an kind of inner peace. Using crashing ocean waves as inspiration, he makes these very delicate shapes by finely molding the glass while it is still at very high temperatures.

wave-1 wave-4


Knit Glass Sculptures

US artist Carol Milne creates glass sculptures that look like the delicate pattern of knitted fabric.


Want to know how she does it? Watch this video by  which showcases how Carol produces these pieces.