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The Design of Glass

The Design of Glass

It’s not just food and drink that glass can preserve perfectly - flacons are a cool and beautiful way to preserve the scents you love!

When going out to buy your favourite cosmetics or perfume, do you ever think of the packaging that they come in? Sure, the design of the glass perfume bottle looks elegant and stylish, but did you know that storing your perfume in glass has 3 big benefits?

1. The glass flacon protects your perfume from outside elements. Glass is 100% impenetrable, meaning that no outside forces can come into contact with what’s packaged within. Which is great for your perfume, as glass provides it with that perfect barrier that prevents exposure to air.

2. Glass is chemically inert, meaning that the packaging won’t leach into the perfume, altering or damaging it in any way. This means that no added chemicals can interact with your perfume.

3. For the same reason as above, the perfume itself can’t interact with the packaging – meaning that the packaging will stay perfect!

All three of these reasons mean that with glass, your perfume smells just as good as when you first tried it on, and will continue to do so!

And as an added bonus – don’t those flacons look awesome? Glass packaging has many talents, and looking good is just one of them!