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Upgrade Your Home with Upcycled Glass Designs

Upgrade Your Home with Upcycled Glass Designs

No matter what shape it’s in, glass always captures people’s imaginations. One designer has managed to create functional yet captivating pieces for interiors, by reusing and recycling glass bottles. Once again proving that glass adds class – no matter what shape it’s in.

You can do far more with old glass packaging than simply take it along to the bottle bank.

Sybille Homann has come up with the innovative idea of recycling old glass packaging into beautiful new home accessories. Take a look inside her “Kunst und Gemüse” (“Art and Vegetables”) studio shop to see all the wonderful things that can be made from old glass packaging. It stocks conventional glass bottles that have been transformed into fabulous gifts such as classic vases and beautiful glass carafes for favourite wines. Sybille uses bottle necks to make unconventional towel holders and coloured glass bottles to make decorative bamboo-like lamps. “All the bottles are old glass that I have been given by friends, neighbours and restaurants,“ confirmed Sybille Homann. And the results are amazing! Sybille has even tackled large scale projects, creating stunning bar counters and room dividers made of old glass packaging. “It’s fascinating to work with these materials, incorporate them in unexpected items and settings and give them a brand new lease of life.“

Sometimes she designs objects for specific buildings, such as restaurants or wine bars. If you’re curious to see the glass eye-catchers that Sybille Homann has designed, check our her website at or take a look at one of the online shops that sell her works of art. However, there’s no better place to see them than Sybille Homann‘s own studio shop in Hamburg!

What can you make out of old glass packaging? Tell us about it here!

And, by the way, even glass that ends up in the bottle bank is eventually given a new lease of life because, being a natural material, it isn’t just very environmentally friendly, it’s also 100 percent recyclable.