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When Glass Loves Design: from Tripod Lamp to See-Through Eco-Friendly Toaster

Check out the latest trends on glass and industrial design, where the beauty of glass meets innovation.

Introducing the toaster of the future: watch while toasting.

Designer and toast-lover James Stumpf just created this amazing Bamboo and see-throug Glass eco-toaster. The touch screen allows you to manage the heat settings, taking you to toast heaven every single  minute.


Glass Toast Machine

(Picture: Rex)

Glass Toast Machine2

(Picture: Rex)

Classic never died. This 1978 lamp designed by the Dutch designer Gijs Bakker has been put back into production by the Danish homeware brand Lyngby Porcelain, after its CEO Christian Elving fell totally in love with the Tripod lamp.

Gijs Bakker Lamp


London designer Samuel Wilkinson used 3D computer software to model the structure of the metal mould used to imprint the diamond shapes onto this blown-glass lamp for Danish brand&tradition