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Award Winning Glass Recycling

Award Winning Glass Recycling

Glass recycling isn’t just important – it’s fun too! Friends of Glass have created this amusing video about Hank the glass bottle and his many lives. Glass’ most important quality is its ability to be revived again and again without loss of quality. Glass really is something to sing about

Remember Hank? The singing bottle with an (everlasting) heart of gold?

In 2010 ‘Hank: The Singing Bottle’ was named ‘Campaign of the Year’ by the UK’s Packaging News.

Hank the Singing Bottle proved to be an audience favourite. His song ‘I’ll Be Back’ spoke of the renewable nature of glass as rampant lovers, boozy blokes and wayward children cause him to be broken and reincarnated in various forms.

It is in his final guise as a make-up pot in Hollywood that Hank finally meets Arnie, who he claims stole his line. Congratulations, Hank!

What can we expect from the spokesbottle of Friends of Glass next? Perhaps an album?