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Ever been thanked by a dolphin while checking out your groceries? 

If not, there’s a first time for everything.  

Ahead of World Oceans Day on 8 June, we built custom pop-up checkouts in selected supermarkets across Europe.

Whenever a glass-packaged item was scanned, it triggered an on-screen message of thanks – with unsuspecting shoppers finding themselves face-to-face with a pod of dolphins, who thanked them for choosing glass.

The reactions were priceless!

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Every year, ocean pollution kills over one million seabirds, 300,000 dolphins and 100,000 other sea mammals, along with countless fish. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. The numbers might be scary, but there are several things we can do to advocate for the health of our oceans: among these, one of the most ocean-friendly choices we can make is choosing to use and recycle glass.

With public concern over packaging waste reaching tipping point, we wanted to thank shoppers who choose glass at the grocery store. Change doesn’t necessarily have to mean drastic decisions: replacing other everyday packaging materials with glass is an impactful change that can add up to a big difference. And it takes very little.

Why glass?

Glass is endlessly recyclable, easily recycled and made from natural materials. Made from sand, soda ash and limestone – all raw materials which are found in nature – glass doesn’t release any harmful micro particles which could pollute the environment. Better yet, any beverage or food tastes better if packaged in glass. In short, buying glass is the eco-friendly solution that keeps our oceans, our marine ecosystem and the environment clean and safe.

Join our movement by using the hashtag #CheersFromTheOcean  

Choose glass. Never litter. Always recycle.