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Initiative to raise young people’s awareness about glass recycling in France

Initiative to raise young people’s awareness about glass recycling in France

Friends of Glass France “#LeVerreSansModeration” Campaign

Friends of Glass France has commissioned Respondi Institute to better understand young people's beliefs and behaviors regarding recycling.

Parallel to a survey carried out by Insites Consulting for the FEVE (European Container Glass Federation) aiming at tracking consumers’ perception about glass packaging related to health and environment, Friends of Glass France has commissioned Respondi Institute to better understand young people’s beliefs and behaviors regarding recycling.

67% of the French people interviewed by Insites Consulting say they are food-safety conscious, a higher score compared to 61 % in 2014. In the meantime, 67 % of them see glass as the healthier and safer packaging to preserve food while 72% value glass as the most environmental-friendly packaging.



 Besides these figures that are in line with the European levels, the survey run by Respondi brought to the table an interesting learning: while 74 % of the French people say they know that glass can be endlessly recycled, only 66,8% of the young people are aware of that. That’s why we decided to focus on young people’s behaviors regarding recycling and tried to better understand how to move this up.

As a matter of fact, when asked about the obstacles to glass recycling, 70 % of the young people feel that the collection system for glass packaging does not fit their requirements. Amongst the areas for improvement highlighted by the survey, French young people mention a densification of the collection points network. Making collection points more attractive and strengthening awareness-raising actions in primary schools could be other levers for action to increase the glass recycling rate. Lastly, promoting glass recycling thanks to popular celebrities who speak to young people could also work well.


That’s why we turned again towards Christophe Beaugrand and asked him to be a convincing Friend of Glass, especially on social media. Well-known for his many commitments to public interest causes, Christophe accepted for the second year in a row to be Ambassador of the “#LeVerreSansModeration” Campaign.

To boost the glass recycling rate and remind us that nearly 25% of consumed glass is not recycled yet in France, he invited his tremendous Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community to take up the challenge with a humoristic hook: “No need to be athletic to recycle”.

It’s easy to take up the challenge: you film yourself in front of a glass container doing 25 squats with a glass bottle in each hand and, as you finish, you challenge 3 friends and so on!