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Sustainability is a lifestyle

Ecology is no longer an isolated concept, it has become a lifestyle
We can reduce, reuse, recycle in so many ways, it’s hard to ignore. And why not?

Living green is truly rewarding, as you are not only saving the planet but also looking after your health. We love green smoothies, apple ciders and lemon waters, but drinking them can be dangerous for the enamel of your teeth. Solution? Drinking with a straw.

Each time you use your glass straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in your landfill. Think about it, how many times have you reused a plastic straw?

The answer is probably zero. Drinking with a straw is so much fun, and when you use one in glass it does not leach toxins into your drink. If you drink coffee or tea, no need to worry about staining your teeth. On top of that, glass straws look much more elegant and gives a certain class to a drink. Often, the straws also come with a brush, so no need to worry about that. Here below are just two examples of suppliers of glass straws, there are plenty more to discover.

Simply Straws

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Photo credit: Simply straws (from their Instagram)

Simply straws is an all-green company producing cotton, organic packaging, and glass straws. They make their products with love and logic which shows in the designs. Simply straws have a very cool ‘If you break ‘em, we replace ‘em’ policy and carefully consider the best materials to make their products. Click here if you want to shop for some glass straws.

Dharma Straws

Dharma Straws uses exclusively borosilicate glass which is the strongest commercially available. Dharma glass offers a lifetime guarantee (!), and a satisfaction guarantee. The straws can be used for cold drinks, they are safe for microwave and the dishwasher. You can find all their products on the Dharma website: .