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Sustainable living under glass?

Sustainable living under glass?

Looking for a new sustainable way of living? Let the following story inspire you. The family Hertefolgers (translated: the heartfollowers) took sustainable living to a whole new level, all thanks to glass.

The Hertefolgers’ family in Norway wanted to create a memorable home. So they decided to build one from all natural materials like clay, hay and wood. Shortly after finishing the living quarters they went one step further and put a dome around the property. The dome is made from glass and recycled aluminium and is supposed to last for over a 100 years!

You probably ask yourself why would you need a glass dome?
Well, glass has certain qualities you just can’t get round. The glass works as an insulator and creates a Mediterranean climate within the dome. This makes it possible to grow vegetables all year around. So the dome practically works as a greenhouse for the family’s garden and there is almost no heating required. The glass dome also reduces the ultraviolet radiation which are unhealthy and protects the living quarters from heavy snowfall and rain.

And last but not least a glass dome gives you the opportunity to enjoy a full 360 view of the stunning Norwegian landscape.

Want to know even more about their story? Be sure to check out this video:

Hjertefølgerne / The Heart Followers from Deadline Media on Vimeo.