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#CheersWithGlass with Teachers for Future Spain

Friends of Glass Spain partnered with Carlota Bruna, Alex Puértolas, Maxi Iglesias, and Curly Azahara to gather as much virtual #CheersWithGlass and their best wishes for 2022.

They were challenged by Friends of Glass to collect at least one thousand comments joining their virtual and solidary cheers with glass 



And what do most of us wish for in the New Year?

“I wish in 2022 we are more aware that our resources on this planet are not infinite” by @unlunar 

“Here’s to an increasingly environmentally conscious 2022” by @behomm 

(translated from Spanish)

A more sustainable world!


 So, after receiving more than 1300 comments in total, Friends of Glass has announced to partner up with the NGO Teachers for the Future of Spain – which promotes environmental education and children’s contact with nature – to take their zero-waste campaign to more than 250 schools in Spain.  

We like to give special thanks to Carlota BrunaAlex Puértolas, Maxi Iglesias, and Curly Azahara for starting the toast and helping us with this campaign to raise awareness for environmental education and the role of glass in protecting our health and that of our planet.  

May next year, the International Year of Glass, be the year in which we accomplish the projects we set out to do – without bottling it. The year we express our feelings openly and everything becomes crystal clear. The year optimism prevails, and we can all see the glass half full. Here’s to a 2022 where we celebrate glass to the fullest!