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What happens when 6 friends of glass get together?

They help ensure our ocean is clean.

Just like you, we're worried about ocean pollution. That's why we sent a team of glass lovers on a beach clean-up mission with a difference.

This spring, we brought together a pan-European crew in Biarritz, allowing them to experience a very special ‘cheers to the ocean’ on the French Atlantic coast. Coming from six different countries, the crew took part in a surf initiation session and beach clean-up mission led by volunteers of Surfrider Foundation Europe – culminating in a toast to the ocean that they’ll always remember.

Joining us in Biarritz were an amazing mix of eco-minded individuals, all of whom share a love for glass: Beatriz (Spain),  Caro (Germany),  Jo (UK), Joana (Portugal), Marta (France) and Sara (Italy).

See how beach cleanup is done:

Hear more from our participants: English / French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish

Here at Friends of Glass, we’re all about raising awareness of how we can make a difference to our oceans – whether it’s through big actions like committing to growing your own food or buying only ‘Zero Waste’ products, or smaller acts like making sure that as much packaging as possible is recycled. In the words of Sara from Italy, “the ocean is life, so we need to take action to preserve it.”

We believe choosing glass can be an easy solution to ocean littering- after all, being 100% recyclable, it’s the most sustainable packaging material on the shelves. During the weekend, the participants learned how making a conscious choice to purchase more products in glass can help our oceans. On the one hand, not only is glass endlessly recyclable, it’s also made from ingredients found in nature (sand, soda ash and limestone) – meaning that there’s no risk of harmful materials endangering marine life or polluting our food chain.  On the other, learning from Surfrider’s beach cleanup volunteers brought home the urgency of marine pollution: 80% of the litter found on the beach comes from the surrounding cities. As one volunteer put it, “100% of the pollution is made by us – 100% of the solution must come from us.” 

Our beach clean-up crew have already helped us spread the word. Now it’s over to you. Will you join them in raising a glass in a #CheersToTheOcean?