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World Environment Day: 3 easy ways to connect with nature using glass

World Environment Day: 3 easy ways to connect with nature using glass

For World Environment Day on 5 June, challenge yourself to get away from phones, computers and all other electronics. Take a journey into discovering nature at its best. Why not do it with glass?

Choose nature’s good quality over chemicals

Glass draws its strength and quality from earth’s natural resources, which means that the products you buy packaged in glass will always be the best quality. Glass is the only packaging material that won’t interfere with the taste of your food and drinks.

According to a recent survey, Europeans choose glass for its quality and taste preservation. More than 8 out of 10 consumers would recommend glass to their friends and family.


Safeguard your health and well-being with nature

Glass is made from three natural ingredients which are found abundantly in nature: sand, soda ash and limestone. By contrast, other packaging materials contain oils and chemicals which can affect the contents of your favourite food/drinks.

A survey shows that 53% of Europeans believe glass is the safest food packaging material and 73% of them believe the same for their drinks.


Save natural resources

Thanks to glass recycling, significant amounts of raw materials are saved and natural resources are preserved. Across Europe, glass recycling rates average 74% with rates above 90% achieved in some countries. Glass is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled in close loop over and over again.


According to a recent survey, 76% of Europeans believe glass is the most environmentally friendly packaging while plastics the least environmentally friendly.


Let’s raise a glass to nature! #worldenvironmentday