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Endless Ocean

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Endless Ocean

When it comes to the environment, conversation about packaging waste usually flows back to one place: the ocean. It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish – and it’s clearer than ever that the future of our ocean is under threat.

There’s no other packaging that matches glass in sustainability credentials. Glass is endlessly recyclable, free of contaminants and will never end up as micro particles in our food chain. This summer, we want to celebrate our love for the ocean, and make sure that we can continue to enjoy it for years to come. We built special checkouts in supermarkets all over Europe that trigger a marine life message of thanks anytime a glass packaged item is scanned. We can all play our part in protecting our ocean, and it starts with something as simple as buying and recycling just one extra glass bottle or jar each week.

Will you raise a glass and join us?

Ocean friendly

We asked over 6,000 Europeans how deep their love for the ocean goes, and their response was loud and clear: for healthy oceans, glass is the most ocean friendly packaging on the shelves.

Socially sustainable

When BBC’s Blue Planet II came onto our TV screens last autumn, it sparked an ongoing conversation about how our own behaviour impacts on our marine environment. 78% of Europeans say they’ve noticed a change in their own behaviour in recent months. Have you?

100% recyclable

62% of Europeans would choose glass over any other packaging option. And with glass being 100% endlessly recyclable, made from natural ingredients and certain not to end up as micro particles in our food chain, let’s work together to make that number even higher in the future!

Go for glass!

In fact, when it comes to choosing a drink, 78% of you would rate glass among your top choices for packaging across the board. Cheers to that!

A lifestyle priority

72% of Europeans now take their impact on the oceans into account when shopping, starting with the products they buy and how they are packaged.

Here's what else we have learned...

Which marine creature inspires you to take action to protect our seas? For almost 2 in 5 Europeans, the dolphin comes out top!

Water, pollution, protection… What word springs to mind when you think of the ocean?

No matter where we come from, we all look forward to spending some down time in the water. Did you know swimming is the top water pursuit for almost three quarters of our respondents?