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The Epic Adventure of Glass

The Epic Adventure of Glass

Have you ever thought about how the glass containers you use end up on your table? This quick and fun video shows you the step-by-step journey every glass bottle takes – from bin to supermarket shelves – and how choosing glass doesn’t just help you; it helps the environment as well.

We’re on a little truck full of bright pieces of glass. We’re travelling through a motionless landscape, a sort of miniature world, standing still in time. Our little truck comes to the glassworks, where, since a long time already, human hands have forged glass. Here glass can be reborn again from itself, over and over again, accompanying us as new bottles and jars.

Then, once we leave the glasswork factory our jars are now ready to welcome juicy fruits that become sweet jams and sauces! Glass is not just perfect for preserving taste and flavour but it’s also beautiful, as it’s brilliant, transparent and natural!

We’re still following our glass friend…The little kid lets the glass voyage continue by throwing the glass jar into a glass collection point. From here, the story of the glass journey starts all over again – the little truck will again pick it up, and take it to the glassworks, so that the cycle can begin again. It’s a wheel in everlasting motion, from the glassworks to the kitchen, from waste back to glass.

The real protagonist of our story is glass, and it’s never ending possibilities! Unlike any other material, it can be reused endlessly, while retaining its values and natural features throughout time!

This glass story is told by Assovetro, the Italian association of glass producers. Watch this video to visualise the story and join the magic glass world yourself!