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When it Comes to Recycling, Age Matters

Europeans are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of recycling food and drink packaging but according to our survey it appears the older generations are more informed and committed than younger ones.


This comes from a survey completed by 8,000 Europeans in 11 countries which shows that an impressive 94% of people in Europe recycle their household packaging – most of which is GLASS!

There does however appear to be an important awareness gap in all countries that is determined by age. When the survey results are categorised by age, it is the elder Europeans who appear to be most informed of the infinite recyclable characteristics of glass. The 60+ age group recycles practically all of their packaging and generally outperforms the 18-29 age group.


It seems that the busy lifestyles of this younger generational may be a cause in their lack of understanding of glass’ infinite recyclable quality. It is therefore of great importance that these statistics increase because glass is a much better choice for our planet and its future generations.

Despite this, glass packaging was the overall favourite material among people survey across Europe for its environmental credentials and in Switzerland, almost all people claim to recycle glass (93%), followed by Italy (91%) and Germany (89%). France (74%) and Spain (77%) follow, respectively.

The survey also took gender differences into consideration and showcased that while women are less aware of the sustainable properties of glass, men are consuming more overall.

For further results, please visit our official release here or to view a breakdown of the data by country, age and gender you can see the national scorecards here.