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Three Great Flavored-Water Recipes

Three Great Flavored-Water Recipes

We all overdo it a little bit during the Christmas holidays, which tends to leave us feeling tired and sluggish. The best thing you can do to detox after Christmas is to put the champagne glasses back in the cupboard and drink lots of water instead.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking eight glasses of water a day will re-hydrate your body, as well as cleansing toxins from your liver and kidneys. To make sure you hit your target why not make one of these easy and natural fruit-flavoured water recipes?


Try out different combinations everyday to keep your water from being boring! Simply add all the ingredients in a glass bottle or jar, close it and let the flavors fuse together. Glass will keep your water safe as it’s completely inert and does not react with its contents, making it suitable to use over and over again.


1. Try this strawberry, lemon, and basil water recipe from

2. Fuse the flavours of orange and blueberry from

3. Get really creative and make this raspberry, rose petal, and vanilla flavoured water from


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