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How Much Waste Have You Produced Last Year?

How Much Waste Have You Produced Last Year?

At Friends of Glass we always love coming across inspiring individuals and reading uplifting stories. Would you believe us if we told you that one amazing girl from across the pond has produced so little waste that it all fits in a single, 16-ounce Mason jar?

Lauren Singer is a 23-year-old practitioner of a light-footprint, minimal-plastic lifestyle, and she meticulously avoids purchasing or using anything that might end up in landfill. She really goes the extra mile to make sure she wastes as little as possible and no opportunity is missed, such as when she asks for no straw every time she orders a drink at the bar.

Want to reduce your waste and impact on the environment? Think glass! Glass jars and bottles are 100 per cent recyclable over and over again without any loss in quality. It’s just one more reason to love glass 🙂

*Did you know?

1. The UK produces 9.3 million tones of waste packaging a year – the equivalent weight of 245 jumbo jets every week

2. Glass can be collected in bottle banks or as part of your kerbside collection

3. New glass is made from four main ingredients: sand, soda ash, limestone and other additives for colour or special treatments

4. In the recycling process, colour is very important. Clear glass is usually recycled back into new clear glass, and coloured glass is recycled back into new coloured glass


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