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Say ¡Hola! To Glass

Say ¡Hola! To Glass

The history of glass is rooted in many countries all across Europe. Spain in particular, has a little-known but well-established partnership with glass; and continues to nurture this passion for glass working.

While Spain may be well known as contributors to the food and wine industry; did you know that Spain and glass also have a long-standing and impressive history?

The Royal Glass Factory of La Granja is a perfect example of the significance of the glass industry in Spain. Built at the end of the 18th century, today this 25,000 square metre factory has been restored to its original glory, and is used as a museum and a glass manufacturing school to help promote the tradition of glass making in Spain.  A wealth of eye-catching pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth century are on display in the museum – as well as live demonstrations. Patrons can get up close and personal to modern-day craftsman while they work on pieces taken from a furnace heated to 1,500 degrees!

Spain’s Mediterranean culture greatly contributes to its close relationship with glass. Wine and olive oil have been equally important pillars of both ancient and modern day Spain. Glass is the ideal packaging for both of these products due to its impermeable qualities that help lock in the sunny Spanish flavours for people to enjoy all around the world. Did you know that the wine industry alone uses almost half of the total amount glass produced – which is about two million tonnes annually?

Next time you’re in Spain, visit The Royal Glass Factory of La Granja. You’ll not only learn more about glass, but you’ll be able to see how history comes alive! That way, the next time you’re sipping on your favourite glass of rioja while nibbling on tapas drenched in olive oil, you can appreciate the bottles they came in as well!