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Bloggers Swop Keyboard for Kitchen to Create Fabulous Recipes in Glass

Bloggers Swop Keyboard for Kitchen to Create Fabulous Recipes in Glass

Recently the team at Friends of Glass hosted a very special event for some of the UK’s leading mum and food bloggers. Ten lucky bloggers were invited to join TV presenter Cherry Healey at Michel Roux Jr’s famous Cactus Kitchen Cookery School in London (also home to BBC TV’s Saturday Kitchen) to learn all about how to create simple yet sublime, recipes presented in glass.


The event began with a quick breakfast then it was straight into the cooking demonstration by our fantastic Chef Cara, ably assisted by the ever-lovely Cherry, who provided a little whisking, plenty of chat and lots of fun. Cara’s wonderful recipes included a stunning strawberry and banana smoothie; a multi-layered wild mushroom, spinach and butternut jar pie and a very seasonal autumn trifle with poached pears. It was the starter however, a Beetroot Hummus, with its vibrant pink colour and delicate taste, that seemed to wow everyone the most, winning the vote as the most popular dish of the day.


Then it was the turn of our guests to put their own cooking skills to the test. Our bloggers got stuck in to the task of creating two of the recipes, the jar pie and autumn trifle. Some admitted that they were not keen cooks but were delighted to discover that they could create dishes that looked brilliant and tasted event better. Finally, everyone was invited to relax around the lunch table and enjoy the results of their morning’s work.


Throughout the day, we were very happy to hear many of our bloggers were already glass lovers, with some experimenting with making healthy salads for lunch in a jar and others using glass to dress up their special dinner occasions when hosting meals for friends and family.


Our guests were interested to hear that glass is one of the safest forms of packaging because it contains no chemical layers that can leach into the food and drink it contains. It is also of course 100% recyclable without any loss of quality and because it is inert, it keeps food and drink fresher for longer.


Fancy a go at your creating your own recipe in glass?  Click here for the recipes from the day.

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