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Wine In Moderation supports friends of glass new campaign

Since 2011 Friends of Glass and Wine in Moderation (WIM) have maintained a proud partnership to encourage safety in food and beverage consumption. Whilst here at Friends of Glass we focus on the safety of packaging, Wine In Moderation concentrates on moderate alcoholic ingestion and the true enjoyment of drinking wine.


WIM is a non-profit association that was founded to educate and inform about the responsible practice of wine drinking. With strong communication they aim to achieve a profound social consensus on the overwhelming benefits of ‘wine in moderation’.

Over the last year of our ‘Taste Of Europe’ campaign, WIM has played a great role of support. This year is no different and our partnership continues to flourish with the recent launch of ‘Endless Lives of Glass’; we want health and safety for the people and the planet, because we know that the ways we consume have a grand impact on both.

Here are five key bullet points outlined by Wine in Moderation as to how best to approach wine drinking in its most safe and pleasurable form:

1) Understand the wine you drink: finding out where a wine’s unique character comes from makes drinking the more pleasurable.

2) Drink slowly: take the time to savour the wine’s distinctive taste.

3) Accompany wine with good food: enjoy wine that complements your meals – alongside a glass of water.

4) Regular consumption of small amounts of wine is preferable to binge drinking which is consuming large amounts on a single occasion.

5) Do not exceed the guidelines for moderate, low-risk consumption of alcoholic beverages.

While drinking responsibly be sure to choose glass. Not only does glass preserve the taste and quality of wine (as well as all other food and beverages), but glass is great for the environment. This year we celebrate the endless recyclability of glass as a packing material of choice that can be recycled continually, forever and ever.

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