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Do you look at the label?

Do you look at the label?

In Europe, food labelling has become a key factor of health and food safety.

Saturday, 13th of December, marked a new change for food and drink safety in Europe – the new EU food labelling rules came into force. This means that restaurants and cafes will now have to list which foods in their menus contain which allergens – something which was only obligatory for packaged foods.

Food labelling has increasingly become a stronger and more important issue in Europe – showing, again, how health and food safety is a top European consumer concern.

However, it’s important to note, that when looking out for your health and food safety interests, it’s not only important to look at the label – but to also Look beyond the Label, and look at the packaging your food or drink came in.

While labels give us the important information about the nutritional value and health elements of our food and drink, they say nothing about the way that the packaging can interact with our food and drink – which in turn can affect the taste and health of the product itself.

However, when it comes to Glass, the benefits are clear. Glass packaging is made of 100% natural ingredients, and is inert – which means that there is no interaction between the glass and your preferred food and drink within. The product is kept as pure, fresh and tasty as it was originally produced, and for much longer than in any other packaging solutions.

That’s why science says glass is the best packaging option when it comes to food safety and taste preservation, and why 87% of European consumers recommend glass packaging to their family and friends.

So next time you’re at the supermarket, and thinking about your health and food safety, about freshness and taste, don’t just look at the label – look beyond the label, and choose glass.