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Don’t just look at the label. Look Beyond the Label. Look for Glass.

Don’t just look at the label. Look Beyond the Label. Look for Glass.

We all care about our health – but isn’t it exhausting, sometimes, to constantly be on the lookout for the healthiest options at the supermarket? What if we told you it wasn’t just the contents that you had to watch out for?

What if it’s also the packaging, which can significantly influence the quality and taste of your food and drink? 87% of European consumers recommend glass packaging to their friends and family. Are you one of them?

A recently commissioned survey in Europe has found that food safety is one of the top 3 daily life worries for Europeans – ranking higher than environmental problems, terrorism, crime and political corruption.

But when it comes to food safety, it’s not just the food itself that we have to look at. Packaging can play a crucial role in protecting the contents within – especially as it is constantly in contact with your food and drink. So it comes as no surprise that it’s important to not only look at the label to learn about the health benefits of your food and drink; we must also look beyond the label – and look at the packaging.

Check out our video and infographic to learn more about the importance of looking beyond the label!

Check out the inforgraphic below to learn more about what we think about food packaging!