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The summer season is upon us, meaning picnics are in full swing. When enjoying the sun, we should be mindful not to spoil any food or beverage left out for too long. Instead, place your food in glass containers to ensure that food stays fresh and chemical-free.

A recent survey has found that food safety is one of the key daily concerns for the majority of European consumers, ranking in the top three list of daily worries. Coupled with summer barbecues and picnics, where food is regularly being kept outside and uncovered, making it prone to impact from outside forces, it comes as no surprise that food safety should be a key concern during the summer too.

Regularly ingesting harmful substances because of food packaging is a cause for concern to start with, and this is only heightened when this packaging is exposed to high summer temperatures. That is why extra attention should be placed on ensuring that the food and drink you’re consuming is protected and stored well, and out of harm’s way.

66% of European consumers are worried about food contamination or the risk posed by chemicals leaching from packaging into the food. During a time of year when food safety is a concern, and with consumers wanting to take active steps to decrease Their risk of food poisoning, packaging in regards to food safety can play a very active role.

This weariness is only perpetuated by the constant re-evaluation of chemicals that are seemingly non-harmful, but that turn out to actually be detrimental for our health. With all this uncertainty about all which chemicals are toxic for our health, glass stands out as a safe alternative that consumers can rely on.

Glass is considered to be the safest food and beverage packaging material by European consumers. Glass is made up of 100% natural materials, none of which fall under chemical substances of concern on regulatory lists. Therefore it is chemically inert, meaning that there’s no risk of toxicity or chemicals leaching into the contents. This makes it a safe choice for food and drink packaging – not only during the summer, but all year-round. In fact, 92% of European consumers do not feel that glass packaging has any negative impact on its content.

As scientific studies prove, glass protects the consumer’s health simply because of its pure constituents, and because it prevents food from being chemically contaminated. When it comes to the food safety of you and your loved ones, it’s important to go the extra mile to ensure absolute protection, health and safety.

With glass as your packaging of choice, there is no worrying that something harmful for your health will come back to bite in the long-term. So look beyond the label – and choose glass.