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Friends of Glass – caring about your health and glass packaging in 2014

Did you know...

that according to a European survey launched in 2014, health and food safety was ranked as one of the top 3 daily worries of Europeans – ahead of environmental problems, international terrorism, or public safety?*

If you think about it, your health is something that can easily be looked after at least when it comes to the packaging your food is in. And some simple steps you can follow now will make all the difference for tomorrow.

When it comes to health and food safety, it’s important to look at the packaging, because it has so much interaction with your food and drink. And with so many packaging materials out there, it’s important to know why you should choose glass. Glass is made out of 100% natural ingredients and it is 100% safe – there’s no migration between the packaging and the content, which means that your food and drink retains the same health and taste elements that it had the day that it was packaged.

This is what we also learnt from Professor Dieter Schrenk, Professor of Food Chemistry and Toxicology at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Click the link below to watch our video, and hear what he had to say!

Food and drink safety isn’t the only reason to choose glass as a form of packaging. Due to its inherent, natural properties – glass is mainly made of sand – it can be infinitely recycled and reused, making it a great choice to make for the environment too! And let’s not forget the taste – glass packaging best preserves the taste of your food and drink too – but more on that to come later!

Just goes to show – if you care for your health, don’t just look at the label. Look beyond the label. Look for glass.

14 May 2014