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Health Benefits of Glass

Health Benefits of Glass

Health is endlessly valuable. When consumers opt for glass packaging, they are recognizing this value. And many consumers already do - for over 6 out 10 EU consumers health safety is an important driver in choosing glass. Let’s take a look at why glass packaging results in a healthy lifestyle.

Glass packaging leads to health benefits because glass is good for your food. Here’s why: every element that glass is made of is natural and always has been. Sand, soda ash, and limestone are just a few of the original elements that haven’t changed since glass was discovered more than 5000 years ago. So when a consumer is using glass packaging, their food is in contact with a material that is 100% pure, no strings attached. And because it is 100% pure, there is no chance for harmful chemicals or toxins to leak from the glass packaging into the food.

Glass packaging is also safe because it preserves food, keeping it fresh for unparalleled periods of time. Ever notice how foods that need to be stored reliably for long periods of time – say jams, pickles, or honey – always come in a glass jar? That’s not just a coincidence! The first thing you learn in Food Preserving 101 is that glass acts as a natural barrier from high temperatures or bacteria. It’s therefore the ideal packaging for keeping your foodstuffs safe and wholesome.

Plus, there’s more good news! The results from a recent study are in, and show that consumers across the board agree that glass is a safe material. 61% of consumers have already decided to opt for glass because of health reasons, and this number is only rising.

With personal health conditions and food safety among the top daily life worries of Europeans, why not take this simple step and commit to using glass packaging? Let’s do it, so that we can eat our sandwiches, drink our cocktails, or simply spoon out our jam in peace, knowing that we’ve taken the step towards a healthy lifestyle!