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About Friends of Glass

Hello and welcome to Friends of Glass.

In a nutshell – Friends of Glass is a community which supports everything about glass packaging. In a slightly bigger nutshell, Friends of Glass advocates a lifestyle which includes glass for three main reasons: health, taste and sustainability.

Glass is the only packaging material available that is 100% inert and 100% recyclable. Unlike other packaging that leach chemicals that are hazardous to your health and change the way your food tastes; glass preserves and protects your food without adding anything. Not only that, glass is made from all natural materials and is infinitely recyclable without a loss in quality or purity.


The Friends of Glass community believes that many families and retailers are unaware of these benefits, and are committed to promoting awareness of a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle through glass. We hope to unite people all over the world who support the idea that glass is the preferred and ideal packaging material for not just families – but for the environment as well.

Your choice makes a difference – be safe, be healthy, be smart by choosing glass. Join the growing community of glass advocates on Facebook and Twitter, and add your voice to the Friends of Glass community today.

Friends of Glass started in 2008 as an awareness campaign for glass.
It was created by FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation, an international not-for-profit association representing glass packaging for food and drink, flacons for perfumery, pharmacy and cosmetics and glass tableware makers. Friends of Glass unites a community of people from different countries in Europe and beyond who are convinced that glass is an ideal packaging material because of its unique environmental, economic and family-friendly benefits. Individuals, national organisations, agencies and companies that believe in the sustainability credentials of glass are also proud members of the community. For more details contact us at, or for further information on national activities you can refer to the national contact points

Glass is good for you and the environment. Your choice makes a difference – be safe, be healthy, be smart. Join the community, follow Facebook/Twitter and become a Friend of Glass yourself.

We work with organisations from all over Europe (and further afield!) to promote the environmental, health and safety benefits of glass packaging. With our members, we work on driving consumer-oriented campaigns and retail activations in our twelve European markets, while our network of peer-to-peer partnerships offers a way to collaborate on promoting the benefits of glass via social media and digital communications. Interested in learning how you can join us in encouraging people to choose glass as the sustainable lifestyle choice? Get in touch.

Our Partners

Explore our distinguished partners who promote glass’ many benefits for consumers and retailers all around the world.