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What Happens when 7 Taste Experts come together?

What Happens when 7 Taste Experts come together?

Our 7 Taste Makers met in March, to achieve one thing – to define the Taste of Europe.

Europe is an expansive continent with a mixture of languages, cultures and civilizations. So when it comes to cuisine, defining the Taste of Europe can prove tricky. That’s why we decided to use the help of seven taste experts – our Taste Makers – to start our journey: our journey to Map the Taste of Europe.

On Friday March 6th 2015, taste was the topic of conversation on everyone’s tongues. Taste experts Andreas Larsson, Swedish Wine Sommelier, voted Best Sommelier of the World; Arno Steguweit, Europe’s first Water Sommelier from Germany; Caroline Furstoss, French Wine Sommelier 2014; Professor Giorgio Calabrese, a renowned Italian Nutritionist; Guillermo Cruz, voted Spain’s Best Sommelier in 2014; Jane Peyton, UK Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014-2015; and Christophe Baert, chef and Vice-President of in the Belgian Euro-Toques Association met in Brussels to share their knowledge and give sage advice on all things taste-related.

The full day was spent talking taste – ranging from a taste test session with key European foods and drinks, to one-on-one sessions with our Taste Makers to learn more about their specific fields, and their take on the Taste of Europe. There’s one thing they all agreed on: glass best preserves the taste of food and drink, whether it be a big, bold tasting wine or a fruity olive oil.

What did we learn? The taste of your food and drink – whether it be water, olive oil, tomato sauce, beer, or wine – can change in different and intricate ways across Europe. Together, our Taste Makers defined the basis of our Taste Map of Europe. And so, we marked the beginning of our taste journey.
What’s the next step?

This is where you come in – visit us at as of April 28th and see what your taste preference is via a short quiz. Then compare your results to the Taste Makers as well as other Europeans – and check out our Taste Maker videos to learn more about what else they had to say during their European Tasting Session.

Join us, and let’s Map the Taste of Europe.