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First German Glassware Party: Friends of Glass cook with food bloggers

The first German Glassware Party was held at Kochatelier Bergisch Gladbach with nutrition expert Dr Ulrich Nehring and TV chef Klaus Velten.

Participants of the first German Glassware Party held by the Friends of Glass Germany had the opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge and hunger for gourmet foods on 24 October 2014. Friends of Glass and Aktionsforum Glasverpackung invited food bloggers into the cooking studio in Bergisch Gladbach to cook with them and discuss consumer interests. The programme included cooking a sustainable meal, constructive dialogue and informal debate. Dr Ulrich Nehring, Head of the Nehring Institute and healthy eating expert, shed some light on what food labels tell us – true to the Friends of Glass motto, “Look beyond the Label“. He answered questions about the ideal packaging and optimum storage, plus questions about what packaged foods contain, what’s inside the packaging, how to avoid wasting processed fruit and vegetables in glass packaging, and how many vitamins preserved vege-tables contain. Dr Nehring provided competent answers to all of them. Then TV chef Klaus Velten, who has a regular spot on RTL breakfast television, teamed up with the bloggers and Dr Nehring to prepare a delicious meal from regional and seasonal ingredients. He also shared all kinds of tips and tricks, allowed participants to sample the dishes and talked to everyone as he cooked because, according to him: “Cooking is all about communication.“

Glass – the special guest at the glassware party
Friends of Glass was very much involved in the dialogue during event because glass was omnipresent throughout the entire evening. Some of the foods that were cooked came in glass packaging, as did the salt and oil for the tasting sessions and there were glass table decorations – so glass provided the glitter-ing setting for an inspirational evening. It became clear as the event progressed that glass is the best choice of packaging for optimally preserving the quality of food and beverages because glass is inert, so it doesn’t affect nutrients or quality in any way. Foods packaged in glass also have lasting protection against external influences, enabling them to retain their unique flavour. The first Friends of Glass Glassware Party in Germany was a major success in every respect – both in terms of the culinary offerings and their flavour.