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ITALY: The party doesn’t start until the glass walks in!

ITALY: The party doesn’t start until the glass walks in!

The Glassware Party, the event that has engaged mums and food bloggers in the UK and which will entice European bloggers in the coming months, has arrived in Italy.

Not too long ago it was Milan’s turn to host the night dedicated to discovering how to use glass in the kitchen. In a large, fully equipped kitchen in Milan, about 20 mum bloggers, food bloggers and journalists from the Italian press attended the cooking class organized by the Italian Friends of Glass team. Under the supervision of the chef Fabio Campoli, famous for his TV food shows, our guests prepared recipes which had been created by the chef especially for this occasion.

Needless to say, Look beyond the label was the motto of the event! As we at Friends of Glass always say, while it is important to look at the content of your food and drink – the packaging matters too! It plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your food and drink, as well as in preserving the flavour and value of your food and drink. Glass is also an ally in the kitchen when it comes to cooking! It can be used for both hot and cold temperatures, and it is very useful for cooking because it preserves the taste and flavour of the ingredients without altering them.

Throughout the evening, the chef explained how to make healthy and simple recipes in glass with the scientific support of Prof. Giorgio Calabrese, nutritionist and dietician. Calabrese is an endorser of the Friends of Glass Look Beyond the Label campaign, and is well known by the public for participating in popular TV shows as a food expert.

The Glassware Party menu was prepared by the Friends of Glass guests with guidance from Fabio Campoli, who showed them how to cook and manage with the ingredients and glass jars. The menu included a starter called Trasparenza d’aMare a first course of FutuRiso, and an In3pido dessert.

Prof. CalabreseTrasparenza d’aMareFutuRisoIn3pido

The cooking class started with the appetizer Trasparenza d’aMare, a seafood salad with vegetables cut in julienne strips and cooked at a low temperature in a glass jar, served with homemade crackers and pesto. For this recipe, seafood and vegetables are heated gently in hot water: the result is a starter with a natural and delicate flavour where all the nutritional properties are preserved. And it is also beautiful to look at…

Our guests also prepared the first course, FutuRiso: rice with tomatoes and tuna, cooked and served in a glass jar. This is a typical Roman recipe revisited and upgraded thanks to modern cuisine and the originality of glass.

The dinner concluded with dessert, In3pido, a panna cotta cooked in glass with pears and caramel, served with whipped cream, raisin and raspberry jam.

“Cooking in glass is a great idea,” and “Thanks for inviting me, I was very curious to learn more about the use of glass for cooking” were just some of the comments from mums and food bloggers who attended the event. These comments, plus their tweets and posts to tell their followers and friends how the party was going, made it a lovely night.

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