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Meet Andreas Larsson

Meet Andreas Larsson

Best Wine Sommelier of the World (2007)

1. What’s your name?
Andreas Larsson

2. What’s your home country?

3. What’s your job?

4. What is the most ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ drink you have ever tasted?

5. What’s your favorite cuisine?

6. Why did you decide to be a sommelier?
I was fascinated by the magic of wine

7. Red or white?
White Wine

8. Dark or Blond?

9. Salty or Sweet?

10. What’s a typical sommelier routine?
Getting up very early in the morning doing the paperwork, doing sports activities before, doing dinner service, working your behind off over a full evening and entertaining guests, serving wine and then polishing glasses half the night, and then drinking with your colleagues, and then getting up really early the next morning again.

11. Why does glass matter when we speak about drinks?
Because it’s a material that’s both aesthetical and it doesn’t affect the taste of the products.

12. Besides Belgium, what’s the last European country you have been to?

13. Give us a tip for our next drink.
Japanese Whisky

14. Finish the following sentence: Heaven is where the police are British, the lovers are French, the mechanics are German, the chefs are Italians, the friends are Spanish and the wine is…

On Friday March 6th 2015 Andreas Larsson, together with taste experts Arno Steguweit, Europe’s first Water Sommelier from Germany; Caroline Furstoss, French Wine Sommelier 2014; Professor Giorgio Calabrese, a renowned Italian Nutritionist; Guillermo Cruz, voted Spain’s Best Sommelier in 2014; Jane Peyton, UK Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014-2015; and Christophe Baert, chef and Vice-President of in the Belgian Euro-Toques Association met in Brussels to define together the main tastes of Europe. Here’s what has happened.