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Meet Arno Steguweit

Meet Arno Steguweit

Europe's First Water Sommelier

1. What’s your name?
Arno Steguweit

2. What’s your home country?

3. What’s your job?
I’m a water sommelier

4. What is the most ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ drink you have ever tasted?
I had some milk from a camel and I really didn’t like it

5. What’s your favorite cuisine?

6. Why did you decide to be a water sommelier?
I think water really plays an important role in a whole menu. It’s refreshing, it’s the positive attitude between a meal and wine, and it’s just a lovely refreshing experience.

7. Red or white?

8. Still or sparkling?

9. Salty or sweet?

10. What’s a typical sommelier routine?

A typical sommelier routine is to put your mouth everywhere, to put everything on your palate, and to always be aware.

11. Why does glass matter when we speak about drinks?
I think glass most positively influences packaging for drinks because there’s no other container that’s as brilliant as glass.

12. Besides Belgium, what’s the last European country you have visited?
Hungary and Austria

13. Give us a tip for a healthy lifestyle.
Drink a lot of water!


On Friday March 6th 2015 Arno Steguweit, together with taste experts Andreas Larsson, Swedish Wine Sommelier, voted Best Sommelier of the World; Caroline Furstoss, French Wine Sommelier 2014; Professor Giorgio Calabrese, a renowned Italian Nutritionist; Guillermo Cruz, voted Spain’s Best Sommelier in 2014; Jane Peyton, UK Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014-2015; and Christophe Baert, chef and Vice-President of in the Belgian Euro-Toques Association met in Brussels to define together the main tastes of Europe. Here’s what has happened.