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Meet Guillermo Cruz, Wine Sommelier

Meet Guillermo Cruz, Wine Sommelier

Spain’s Best Sommelier in 2014

1. What’s your name?

My name is Guillermo Cruz

2. Where are you from?


3. What’s your job?

My job is sommelier

4. What is the most loved drink you have ever tasted?

A very old German Riesling

5. What’s your favorite cuisine?

Classic and traditional

6. Why did you decide to be a sommelier?

Because since I was a child, wine has been my life, it is part of my life…that’s why I wanted to be a sommelier, because I want to share my passion with everybody

7. Red or white?

White wine

8. Dark or Blond?


9. Salty or Sweet?


10. What’s a typical sommelier routine?

To prepare for service, make the mise en place, prepare all the wines for appearance, polish the glasses, observe the people that are going to come to the restaurant and visit us. During the service, for sure, we recommend the wines, making the combinations, and serving wine, talk with people, and share our passion for wine.

11. Why does glass matter when we speak about drinks?

Glass is very important for drinks because, for example, if you want to serve a wine in a different glass, you are going to feel a lot of differences, that’s why, for the packaging of wine, glass is very important, but, at the same time it’s important to serve the wine because it depends on the glass you’re going to use more as it gives taste and flavours in a different way.

12. Besides Belgium, what’s the last European country you have been to?


13. Give us a tip for our next drink

You can try a cocktail to start with; you can blend champagne with a bit of cassis and something classic and traditional, which is a Key Royale to start with.

 14. Finish the following sentence: Heaven is where the police are British, the lovers are French, the mechanics are German, the chefs are Italians, the friends are Spanish and the wine is…

…for each individual in the world.