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Recycling Saves Energy, Calculate Your Impact!

Recycling Saves Energy, Calculate Your Impact!

Ever wondered how much energy you could save by just recycling glass? The carbon calculator helps you find out. Now you will finally be able to know how much of a difference you really make – which is important for the environment!

How does the calculator work? By recycling glass, you recover energy that otherwise would be lost while producing new glass. So every bottle you recycle is an amount of energy you save. Additionally, there is no limit in the amount of times glass can be recycled. This makes it a completely unique product.

So, let’s show some figures to give you an idea of the scale of energy saving that can be achieved. If you recycle just one, yes one, item per week for one year, you could:

– Light a compact florescent bulb for 15 days, 11 hours

– Light a standard 60 watt light bulb for 3 days, 14 hours

– Operate a computer for 17 hours, 20 minutes

– Operate a TV for 11 hours, 33 minutes

That’s an incredible saving of energy and represents a true benefit of buying, using and recycling glass packaging products.

Europe and Recycling

But maybe you use more than one glass item per week. What if you recycle up to ten items per week for a year?  Well, you would be saving enough energy to:

– Light a compact florescent bulb for 5 months, 2 days

– Light a standard 60 watt light bulb of 1 month, 5 days

– Operate a computer for 7 days, 5 hours

– Operate a TV for 4 days, 19 hours

That’s a real difference that you’d be making to the environment and a great reason to choose glass packaging when buying your food and beverage products!

Want to know just how much of a difference you could make recycling glass? Find out here.