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Tasty, healthy, and fresh - there’s nothing like juice in glass.

Because bottled juice is better for you, the juice and the planet.

Choose glass, because you care about...

three juice bottles

… the taste of your juice


… your well-being and that of the planet


icon of apple orange and pear

… starting your day fresh and healthy


Delicious and fresh for longer, just as nature intended

Your freshly pressed juice tastes better when you drink it from a glass. Made of natural ingredients, there is no risk of harmful chemicals getting into food or drinks packed in glass.

Glass protects the product’s quality inside, thereby keeping your juice fresh and tasty for a longer period.


Natural juice should come in natural packaging

Juices are healthy and nutrient rich drinks, made from natural ingredients. And so is glass. Made up of sand, soda ash and limestone – all ingredients which are found abundantly in nature glass is also always safe to be used in contact with beverages no matter how many times it is recycled, making it the most stable of all packaging materials.  


Fresh and recyclable? Only with glass

81% of global consumers consider that ‘living an ethical or sustainable lifestyle’ is important in creating a feeling of wellness. Glass supports an ‘intentional living’ lifestyle as its endless recyclability facilitates sustainable circularity and conscious consumption.

Every time you bring your empty juice bottle to the recycling bin, it will be 100% recycled into a new bottle to store your next drink.


Without the “chin”, it’s not really toasting

Glass is the only packaging material which can stir an emotional connection. We toast to celebrate birthdays, weddings, or simply time with friends or family. No matter the drink you toast with, glass transforms any event, large or small, into a real celebration.

Major moments in our lives would not be complete without the sound of two glasses “clinking” together to mark the moment.


An exceptional juice requires an exceptional container

Glass has been, and will always be, considered high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. Glass offers the opportunity for unique designs and storytelling. A glass bottle’s shelf life extends for years and its colour never fades, making it stand out in your home.

Glass is pure quality, crafted to perfection. And we should expect nothing less for our favourite juices.