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Don't be afraid to ask for more

After you use it – reuse it! Glass loves to be recycled, and the bottle you recycle today can be back on the shelf in as little as 30 days. If you don’t recycle, UPcycle your favourite glass bottles into vases, candleholders or glassware – the possibilities are endless!

No bottle banks in your neighbourhood? Email, Tweet or Facebook your local authority and have one installed. The more you voice your desire for glass recycling, the more likely your community will act!

Join the Friends of Glass community and encourage your local retailers to ‘Look Beyond the Label’ through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Be a part of the growing Friends of Glass network and always have access to the latest information on the benefits of glass anytime, anywhere.


There’s nothing we like more at Friends of Glass than people who share their stories with us. Post your achievements on Twitter from any of the steps above using the hashtag #lookbeyondthelabel, #loveglass, or @friendsofglass. Share with us your favourite new glass DIY, recipe or recycling tip. By encouraging conversations online and offline, we can raise awareness about the benefits of glass with retailers and communities alike.