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Choose Health, Choose Glass

Choose Health, Choose Glass

We’re all trying to live better and more sustainably, from how we consume and dispose of products to how we look after our own health. Yet packaging remains crucial to preserve products through delivery and storage, and to ensure longer shelf stability of products once purchased. By offering a material that’s not just endlessly recyclable but remains food safe throughout the closed-loop recycling process, glass packaging continues to provide strong sustainable benefits for the health of both people and planet. Glass is never a waste. 

New research by InSites consulting and FEVE shows that while people are increasingly conscious of their consumption habits and even reducing their overall reliance on packaging, the number of people choosing glass has continued to increase over the years, with 28% of Europeans stating that they purchase more glass in 2022 than they did three years ago – whether that’s looking specifically for food and drink in glass packaging when buying groceries, or when selecting cosmetic products that can be recycled and reused. That’s why as many as 8 in 10 people view glass as a future proof material that they would recommend to their loved ones.  

Why glass? Because when we think about sustainability, we have developed a more holistic view that takes into account recyclability, reducing waste and protecting our health and well-being – and glass covers all of these. As a natural and one-layered material, produced by using raw materials (sand, soda ash, limestone) in combination with cullet (recycled glass), it can be infinitely recycled without losing any of its quality in the process, making it extremely durable. Not to mention the fact that it is also one of the healthiest ways to package our favourite products! 


Glass as an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative

Glass is considered an integral part of a healthy living lifestyle, because it’s inherently recyclable, recycled effectively across Europe and safe when recycled. The survey showed that our shopping habits are increasingly influenced by environmental impact. The top four reasons for choosing glass were all related to its environmental impact, namely that it is effectively recycled (50%), convenient (39%) and is known to reduce waste (43%) and littering (41%).  




Glass recycling can be trusted with 8 in 10 people saying they ‘always’ or ‘often’ recycle their glass packaging and 82% saying they have a good understanding of how to recycle. Half of Europeans even said they buy more in glass specifically because it can be recycled more effectively than other packaging materials.  

Since glass is made from natural materials, is inert, and airtight, it holds many health properties. This is mostly because no harmful chemicals are contained in glass or are used during the production process. Glass is one of the healthiest and safest packaging options out there! As a matter of fact, 57% of respondents believe glass plays a key role in protecting their mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. Moreover, over half of Europeans choose glass because they do not want to be subjected to harmful chemicals.     





How can you lead a healthier lifestyle by choosing glass? 

Leading a healthier lifestyle is something many of us are aiming to achieve. Health and product preservation remain high on the agenda and the survey results point to an evolved understanding of sustainability that goes beyond a single environmental focus. 6 in 10 consumers consider reducing food waste, recycling and protecting physical and mental health and wellbeing as the top three sustainability elements in their everyday life.  

But what are the different ways glass packaging can help live a healthier lifestyle? Focusing on a healthier lifestyle includes treating your body with respect, love, and care. One way to do this is to be conscious of the products you consume, whether that be food, drinks, cosmetics or medicines. Choosing glass packaging is a simple way for you to live a healthier life – for both you and the planet. Glass preserves a product’s quality without interfering with the ingredients.  





8 in 10 Europeans believe brands have a responsibility to ensure sustainable, chemical-free food packaging. Following this trend, many brands provide the option of buying their products in glass packaging. This is not only beneficial for our planet and your health, but also for your wallet! Glass keeps food and drinks fresh for longer, ensuring a longer shelf life for your groceries, and thus preventing food and drinks from spoiling faster than they must. This creates less waste in your household and allows you to save money. And let’s not forget, saving money eases the mind, which also helps with your well-being!  

Which product in glass will you be picking up on your next trip to the store?  

Join the movement and show love to our planet and your health by choosing glass!