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6 Sustainable beauty tips for your skincare routine

Do you like to start the day with a multi-step skincare routine, or wind down at the end of a long day with a relaxing clay face mask? Do you dream of having that radiant and smooth 'glass skin'? Many of us like to take a moment to unwind by treating ourselves to a refreshing skincare routine.

But with the environmental impact of our everyday routines on the top of our minds, from ‘clean’ eating to ‘zero waste’ living, this moment in the day might not feel as relaxing as it did before. That’s why a growing movement of people are actively looking to incorporate more sustainable beauty products in their daily routine, one step at a time. In fact, an impressive 76% of people say they are focusing on buying products that are sustainably made.

If you’re one of them, but don’t know where to start – we’ve got you covered.





What is sustainable beauty?

Let’s start with the basics: what is sustainable beauty, exactly? And why should we care about it? The terms “green”, “sustainable” and “natural” are often used interchangeably in the cosmetics industry. This might make you wonder what the best out of the three is.

In reality, they are usually the same. That’s why we should focus less on the semantic terms and more on what it entails. Generally speaking, sustainable beauty or ‘green’ cosmetics refers to the use of earth-friendly beauty products and packaging materials that don’t harm people, animals or nature.

This means using natural ingredients, such as natural oils from a lavender or coconut, agricultural plants like soybeans and corn or even certain bacteria.

But we should also be aware of the materials used in both the product and the packaging. Sustainable beauty products use renewable or recycled materials, such as glass, to reduce how much waste comes out of our skincare routines.


Why is this important? 

Choosing to go for a sustainable skincare routine, or other beauty products, is not only beneficial for yourself, but also for the environment.

First, opting for sustainable cosmetics mean that you can trust the healing properties of natural ingredients. This means no artificial or even toxic ingredients. In fact, natural ingredients are better for your skin, as they are safer and can provide you with long-term health benefits – the natural oils and ingredients don’t just repair, but also protect your skin.

Focusing on sustainable beauty products also means taking responsibility for the planet. Making more eco-conscious choices in the products and packaging you use can help decrease your carbon footprint, simply by cutting back on your waste. You might even inspire your friends do to the same!




How to have a more sustainable skincare routine 

Making your daily skincare routine more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. The important thing is to take it one step at a time. Or better said, one product at a time. Take it slow, and a more sustainable skincare routine will come to you naturally, allowing you to fully enjoy your mornings or end your day even more relaxed.

  • Don’t leave the water running 

Let’s start with the easiest way to lower your environmental footprint without changing up your routine too much: don’t leave the water running! Simply dampen your fingertips and then turn off the tap. When massaging your facial cleanser into your skin, the water doesn’t need to be constantly running. While this may seem like a very small contribution, it’s estimated that a running tap wastes 6 litres of water every minute! Doing this every day will save hundreds of litres of water over the course of a year.


  • Use reusable shopping bags 

Secondly, and just as easy: remember to bring your own bag when shopping for new skincare products. Reusable shopping bags have become increasingly popular, especially for grocery shopping. But why stop there? Bring them when shopping for beauty products, new clothes, home decorations or birthday gifts. Every time you reuse your shopping bag, you’re making a difference.

Perhaps you prefer to do your shopping online, as your favourite brand might not have a physical store, or a specific perfume or serum you are looking for was sold out in the store. In that case, try to buy all the products you need at the same time. This way you’re easily cutting down on transport emissions from the delivery.


  • Buy from sustainable brands 

Another direct way to make your skincare routine more sustainable is to start buying from sustainable brands. Choose to support businesses that are contributing to our environment, rather than harming it.

The good news is that more and more companies are producing sustainable skincare, makeup, and hair-care products, packaged in renewable materials like glass. For example, REN Clean Skincare launched their new sustainable face mask line using recycled glass for their packaging.

Another example is the N°1 DE CHANEL: an environmentally responsible beauty line using up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, and sold in eco-friendly glass packaging that protects fragrances, eye creams, serums, foundations and rouges from deterioration.


  • Choose natural ingredients, in natural packaging 

When choosing which product to try or buy, pay attention to the ingredient labels to find out what the product is made of. For example, vegan ingredients can help protect the Earth’s ecosystem. Seeking out fairtrade beauty products is another way to be more sustainable with your beauty routine, by looking for products made with ethically sourced ingredients and where workers have been treated and compensated fairly.

Another important thing to consider is the packaging of the product. A large part of our carbon footprint stems from packaging waste. But this is easily reduced by opting for more sustainable packaging options, such as glass. Not only is glass made from natural and sustainably source ingredients – sand, soda ash, limestone and recycled glass – it can also be reused and recycled without harming the environment or our health.


  • Prefer recyclable and refillable containers 

Brands are increasingly offering recyclable and refillable cosmetics containers that are designed to protect products, while having a smaller footprint on the environment. This means they are made from materials that can be safely reused and recycled, such as glass. This makes glass containers convenient and hygienic to use.

By choosing recyclable and refillable containers for your skincare products, you’re saving money, while reducing waste and fighting pollution at the same time. You can often check at the store or online what the options are to refill your old make-up or beauty product containers and jars.


  • Recycle jars and containers 

Another quick win is to recycle your skincare products. With beauty products it is important to check whether the packaging is recyclable. The good thing is that your face serums, cleansers or moisturizers packaged in glass containers are often 100% recyclable.

Usually these can be recycled with other glass jars or bottles you would bring to the bottle bank.

Still, it is important to check your local recycling regulations on where to exactly dispose of your beauty jars and containers, as this can vary from one city to another. There are also increasing numbers of brands, stores and manufacturers offering recycling programs.


A natural daily home skincare routine 

When you decide to switch to a more natural daily skincare routine, there’s no need to throw out your old skincare products at once. When doing so, the options might seem overwhelming.

Our advice: keep it easy and start simple. Whenever one of your products is empty, replace it with a more sustainable product. One step at a time, your daily routine and habits will become greener.