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EU Glass Packaging Recycling Hits All Time High of 73%

For the first time ever, EU citizens are recycling an incredible 73% of glass packaging, that’s over 25 billion glass containers! Put into perspective, this is equivalent to every person on earth recycling 3 glass containers each

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According to the latest data recently published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), the top glass packaging recyclers are Sweden,

Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany. In addition, Italy, the Netherlands and Malta have improved in comparison with previous years.

An exciting finding of the report is that Eastern Europe is catching up to the rest of the continent, as the industry begins to address the glass recycling challenges in these countries. Estonia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic and Croatia all shows an expansion of glass packaging recycling never seen before.

This increased effort by European citizens makes Europe the continent with the highest glass recycling rates in the world! Go you!

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