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Glass has Endless Lives: Talking Bottles

Did you know glass has endless lives? These surprised shoppers didn’t. Glass is infinitely recyclable and the safest packaging for the environment. If you want to play your part in preserving the planet, choose glass and buy glass.

Born from nature & 100% endlessly recyclable, glass has endless lives.

It is because glass is a natural material that it can be so easily recycled, reshaped and redesigned into brand new bottles and jars. When something has lived as long as glass, you better believe it has a lot to say. What better than a ’talking’ bottle to explain what it is like to live an endless life?

Our videos in supermarket stores in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland show customers exactly what a glass bottle would say if it could talk. We’re bringing bottles to life!

In the UK, with Actress Sally Phillips:

In France, with Presenter Christophe Beaugrand:

In Italy, with Actor Diego Abatantuono:

In Germany, with Comedian Kaya Yanar:

In Spain, with Actor Ramón Langa:

In Poland, with Presenter Bartek Jędrzejak:

And finally, the ‘Best-Of’ showreel:

We engaged with well-known personalities across Europe to reinforce the environmentally-friendly features of Glass packaging; from Sally Phillip’s witty humour in the UK, to Christophe Beaugrand’s charming persona in France, our ‘talking bottles’ surprised people whilst spreading awareness of the positive sustainable benefits of Glass.

So next time you are at the grocery store, look beyond the label and go for a packaging solution that does not harm to the environment. Make an educated choice to choose glass and after you’re done with the content, recycle it at your nearest bottle bank!

Because when you choose glass, you choose a happier, healthier environment.

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Choose Glass. Recycle Glass. Love Glass!