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Glass Needs You!

Glass Needs You!

While glass in itself is a 100% natural and sustainable material, it takes responsible people like you to make sure that your glass containers get recycled. Knowing where and how to recycle glass in your area is critical to glass’ everlasting lifecycle

A quick glance across the internet has brought up a whole host of sites about recycling glass, all packed with different information and ideas in which to make it easier for everyone to get involved every day. Therefore, as it’s a Friday – we thought we’d share just a few of our favourite with you for you to peruse at your leisure, along with some links that are well worth checking out.

If you’re keen to recycle but don’t know where to start, why not enter your postcode into the bank locator and find out! offer a top 5 tips for recycling at home which can be found here. Keep it simple – Make space next to your bin for a recycling container – then it’s as simple to recycle as it is to throw it away!

How does one go about preparing glass for recycling. reminds us to ‘Make sure you wash out the bottle or jar before putting it into recycling bins’

Peterborough City Council ensure us that “if the average household recycled all their glass bottles and jars it would represent a saving of enough energy to power a washing machine for two-and-a-half days or power a computer for five days!”

And here’s to – who remind us that recycling just one jar or bottle saves enough energy to power a television for 20 minutes or a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour .

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