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Sustainability in Action: European Week for Waste Recycling

The 2015 European Week of Waste Reduction is this week (21-29 November 2015). With that in mind, Friends of Glass has an out of this world message on the sustainability of glass and the importance of glass recycling!


For those not familiar,  The European Week for Waste Recycling is a continental campaign with the goal of promoting sustainable management of resources and

waste. The core goal of EWWR is to to spread the implementation of the three “R’s” throughout Europe – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Friends of Glass spoke with our friend Anthony to show how citizens are able to:

Reduce with glass: According to the EWWR website, reducing waste means using fewer resources. Glass packaging does precisely this by keeping your food fresh beyond compare. With glass containers, even your leftovers stay untouched much longer, ensuring that you don’t have to waste anything by throwing it away the next day.

Reuse with glass: Reusing also reduces waste, and it just so happens that glass containers can be reused endlessly. Even a simple glass jar of tomato sauce can be transformed into a storage container, light bulb, or household DIY. Reusing your glass container is also cost efficient! Looking for your next Christmas decoration? Make a snow globe out of a mason jar instead of buying a costly one from the boutique shop. Reusing glass bottles has to be one of the most fun ways to be healthy to our environment.

Recycle with glass: At the end of the day, we cannot overstress the importance of recycling. As the EWWR website reminds us, recycling puts materials back in the product loop and helps us save resources, and in turn, the environment. Furthermore, recycling now can help us ensure that our future generations will live in a healthy world. After your next dinner party, make sure to take your glass bottles to your local recycling centre. You’ll be doing a service for mother earth!

Ever imagine what it would be like to have a world without recycling, check out this video and see for yourself.

For more information on the European Week for Waste Reduction, make sure to check out the website here: