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Tips to cut your waste – with the help of glass

We've all seen the images of waste building up on our planet and polluting our oceans - and we can all play our own small part in making a difference to our planet's health. Did you know there are several small, simple steps you can take to make a difference, even in a world that's constantly on the go? Read on...  

Opting for glass packaging is an easy way you can make an impact every day, and avoid adding to the growing mass of waste in nature. Glass is both recyclable and reusable, making it a simple way to build a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use a glass bottle

It’s an easy habit to pick up, whether you’re headed to the office or going out and about at the weekend. Did you know that more than 89 billion single-use plastic bottles are sold worldwide every year? By opting for a glass bottle, you can avoid the need for single-use, disposable water bottles. 


Keep your food in glass

To best preserve your leftovers, store them in glass! The taste of food will be perfectly preserved and you can easily heat up your dish in the microwave, without risk of contamination or leaching from the packaging. Food stored in glass can also be kept longer – it’s a win-win for your health, and for your wallet!


Use a reusable coffee cup

Did you know: most takeaway coffee cups are not able to be recycled, because they are made from paper and plastic? Fortunately, there are numerous stylish glass cups on the high street. Using reusable coffee cups will help you avoid disposable packaging, meaning you can enjoy your morning latte, guilt-free.


Bring your glass container when you go shopping

More and more shoppers are keen to shop zero or minimal waste, in particular by reducing their consumption of food packaging. Retailers are recognising this, with many stores now giving everyone the opportunity to bring their own containers to the store to be filled. For example, in France, Carrefour has been open to customers bringing their own food containers to various sections of their stores (cheese, delicatessen, etc.) since last March. Intermarché is also committed to reducing single-use packaging, and you’ll find a number of other outlets (including bulk stores and organic shops) where you can shop with minimal environmental impact.


Use jars on your lunch break

For those organised folk who bring their own lunch to work, nothing is easier than bringing a salad or a leftovers in a glass jar. For the rest of us, we’re often left running to a nearby deli or restaurant due to lack of time! But that doesn’t mean that avoiding disposable containers has to be difficult… Stores are increasingly offering lunch options served in glass jars, to eat on the go. Why are more and more chefs choosing glass jars? Because glass has no equal when it comes to to showcasing and protecting their culinary delights… Just take a look at these examples: Mr. Ticicote , DailyPic , Pep’s restaurant , Tournepasautourdupot.