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Unlike many other types of packaging, which can breakdown into potentially harmful micro-particles that end up in our food chain, glass is made from ingredients that occur naturally and are completely non-toxic.

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Here’s why you should choose and recycle glass…


It’s better for your health

Glass is non-toxic. It does not contain harmful chemicals that may migrate
into food and drink.


Food and drinks taste better

Glass is non-porous which means it doesn’t affect the taste of food and drink.


It’s better for the environment

Even if glass does end up in the sea, it will ultimately turn back into harmless sand.


It’s endlessly, 100% recyclable

The unique chemistry of glass means it’s safe to recycle indefinitely, without a
loss of quality.


Recycling saves energy and reduces CO2

We can reduce harmful emissions and save on raw materials by using recycled
glass to make new bottles and jars.


Small everyday actions really make a difference – next time you go shopping make sure to choose a glass packed product and when you do, always recycle!


If your university residence or the local authority doesn’t collect glass on-site, you can find your nearest bottle bank here –