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Brightening up Portsmouth Glass Banks!

£250 vouchers up for grabs

If you’re going to be in Portsmouth, keep an eye out for some new, space invader themed glass banks. There are six of them, and if you send in a photograph of yourself with them, you could win a share of £250 worth of Love to Shop vouchers.

The glass banks have been designed by Portsmouth resident, Anthony Beech. He was awarded first prize in our competition to brighten up Portsmouth city’s glass banks. The design celebrates the classic ‘space invaders’ computer game. It shows how recycling glass wipes out waste. Afterall, bottles and jars can be recycled into new glass again and again – so they should never been seen as rubbish to throw away.

But last year in Portsmouth only around half the glass packaging used by households was recycled. This means that more than 2,500 tonnes of glass – equivalent to the weight of 500 African elephants – ended up in landfill. If all this glass was recycled it would save Portsmouth council over £100,000 a year, freeing up funds for other vital public services.

Vincent Venus, Service Manager in Waste Management at Portsmouth City Council explains:

“We’re challenging residents to see if they can locate the new space-invader glass banks and to send us a photo of themselves next to them. For the best photos, there’s £150 worth of Love to Shop vouchers for the winner and £50 Love to Shop vouchers for two runners-up”.

Full details and how to enter the competition can be found at

In Portsmouth bottles and jars for recycling are collected at glass banks – rather than directly at households. Collecting glass in like this, separately from other materials, provides good quality glass for recycling that needs less sorting.

If you live in an area that uses this system, can find your closest glass bank using Recycle Now’s Recycle Locator.