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7 June 2018

On the eve of World Oceans Day, Friends of Glass is inviting everyone to raise their glass to the health of our seas with the launch of the ‘Endless Ocean’ campaign. According to a recent survey carried out by the Friends of Glass community, three out of four Britons rate glass as the most ocean-friendly packaging choice.

In fact 72% of Europeans consider their impact on the ocean as a lifestyle priority, starting with the products they buy and how they are packaged.

Turning the tide on ocean littering

Since the release of BBC’s Blue Planet II in 2017, concern over the state of our oceans has exponentially grown, and public attention has increasingly focused on the need to make more sustainable choices in everyday life. Reassuringly, 83% of Britons have reported a change in their behaviour and are now paying more attention to the environmental impact of their everyday decisions. What’s more, 78% of Britons would rate glass among their top choices for food and drink packaging.

For the new Endless Ocean campaign video (, Danish band The Bottle Boys and Spanish pro-surfer Aritz Aranburu joined members of the Friends of Glass community from all over Europe to sing along to Charles Trenet’s ‘La Mer’ – the iconic love song to the sea – culminating in a sunset toast to the ocean.

Footage can be found on Friends of Glass channels including YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.

“As concerns about the state of our seas are at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to reconnect with what we love about the ocean and do whatever we can to protect it. Choosing glass and always recycling it is one simple action we can all take that will help us on that journey,” comments Brook Hayes, Communications Manager at British Glass, which runs the Friends of Glass UK activity.

Crucially, glass bottles and jars are made from recycled glass, sand, soda ash and limestone. All of the raw ingredients of glass occur in nature, and its unique properties mean that even if a glass container were to end up in the ocean or landfill, rather than being recycled, it will not release any harmful chemicals that may pollute and harm our marine systems.

Raise your glass and join the movement on World Oceans Day by sharing your tribute using the hashtag #CheersToTheOcean

Choose glass. Never litter. Always recycle.



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Notes to Editors

About Friends of Glass

Friends of Glass is a pan-European community dedicated to promoting the right for consumers to be able to choose the food and drink products they love in glass packaging. Friends of Glass unites all those who believe glass is the clear choice for themselves, their families and for the environment. Friends of Glass UK is managed by British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation.

About British Glass

As the representative body for the UK industry, British Glass communicates the sector’s value and interests – as well as fostering the collaboration and innovation – to secure a thriving, sustainable future for glass. British Glass helps members companies from across the glass supply chain to work constructively with industry and government stakeholders.

About FEVE: FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass packaging for food and beverages as well as flacons for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy. The association has some 60 corporate members belonging to over 20 independent corporate groups.  Its members produce 80 billion glass containers per year, and include major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands.  With its 160 manufacturing plants located across 23 European States, the industry is a key economic partner in Europe, and maintains 125.000 jobs along the total supply chain. See more on  – Join us on Twitter @FeveEU

About the Consumer Barometer

This Europe-wide social media survey was targeted at consumers in 12 countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey, from 29 March to 27 April 2018. The purpose was to explore consumers’ attitudes toward packaging materials, and to spark a conversation on the environmental benefits of glass packaging.Overall, 6,256 responses were collected (316 UK). For more information about the findings from the pan-European survey, visit